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Maestro HCD Spec Sheet

Maestro HCD

Create Gelato, Pastry & Chocolate products with the upmost precision without compromising space. This is the all-in-one solution to pasteurization and batch freezer production.

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  • Hot-Cold-Dynamic® allows you to mix, heat and freeze and in the same cylinder
  • Automatically adjusts temperature upon quantity of product and desired style. Monitors the ideal cold and hot temperatures for frozen desserts and pastry products
  • POM Food safe plastic beater resists extreme hot and cold temperatures and includes auto-adjusting scrapers for complete extraction
  • Post Cooling ensures frozen dessert is cold upon extraction


  • 9 specialized programs designed for Artisan Gelato & Sorbet
  • Programs include heat treatment and age options
  • Additional program for Granita

Pastry & Chocolate

  • 6 Pastry Cream programs: Traditional Custard, Bavarian Cream, Zabaione, Fruit Cream, Panna Cotta & Pastry Gelatin
  • 5 Semi Freddo programs (ideal for Frozen pastry and Ice Cream cakes): Pochee Fruit, Cooked rice, Yogurt, Infusions & Crepe Mix
  • 3 Chocolate programs: Speed Chocolate Harden, Ganache Custard Cream, & Chocolate Cream


  • Water filling capability delivers the precise amount of water required for mixtures and cleaning functions saving time and avoiding measuring errors
  • Intuitive control panel is accessible even while adding mix
  • Operations are done standing up for user comfort


  • Cleaning is easier thanks to high temperature cleaning cycle and removable extraction chute
  • The cylinder and front panel are a continuous stainless steel for maximum cleanliness and hygiene
  • Scotch-Brite treated steel is resistant to stains and fat residues
  • “Postponed cleaning” program guarantees hygienic safety even during prolonged production stand-by
  • Purchasing a "Tune Up Kit" annually will maintain the longevity of your machine and keep the warranty valid