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Turbomix Spec Sheet



Variable Speed motor is comfortably controlled by hand controls. Blender can be moved vertically and in 360° circular motions.

Turbomix comes with two cutters plus an optional cutter.

  • Cream Emulsifier – Quickly emulsifies dairy or even oily ingredients into creamy mixtures or base mix.
  • Fruit Emulsifier – Great for chopping & mixing pieces of fresh or frozen fruit puree into a base. It is also ideal for blending sugars and powdered ingredients for water-based mixtures.
  • Optional Cutter – The rotary blender can cut large pieces of fruit such as whole pears and apples. Transforms blended fruit into a fine puree.


Immersion blender stands alone for ultimate comfort and ease of use.

Desired mixing time can be set, allowing Turbomix to finish production autonomously.