Pastochef 55 RTX

All in one, Pastochef cooks, cools, mixes and ages
Reduces time and labor
Control Panel/Programs
Easy to operate; select the program and add ingredients according to machine requirements
Perfect Temperature
Control Prevents thermal inertia, guarantees perfect crystallization of the chocolate molecules, prevents product burning, makes it possible to cool and cook at precise temperatures according to product requirements
Rapid Product Cooling
Increases product shelf life
Patented System
Guarantees hygiene and the absence of bacteria in the finished product
Ergonomic Design
Makes Pastochef very easy to use and operate
Spray Hose and Few Components
Easy to clean
Small footprint
Saves space
Pastochef will guarantee product safety even during power or water outage by either completing cycle if possible or going into storage mode
Special Lid Design
The see-through cover allows a clear view of the machine at work. It is rigid, thus impact resistant, and alcohol safe. It features a broad chute for easily adding ingredients even in large quantities during the mixing cycle.
Unique Beater Design
Features eight different blending modes. The pivoting blades are designed to perfectly scrape the walls, avoiding the retention of dry ingredients on the bottom. Removable accessory mixer is supplied for handling products of different consistencies.
Adjustable Shelf
Made of stainless steel and covered with a rubber mat. It can support trays and containers of various sizes at three different heights.
Multi-Functional Spigot
The sanitary safety spigot is designed for the extraction of both liquid and dense products. The extraction tap can be operated with one hand.